And the mind lingers in the thought of your face in the Summer.

Looking in the mirror, and I don’t like who I see,
need to find a new reason, need be someone other than me,
can’t you see my troubles, cause I’m wearin them on my sleeve,
I’m sittin here feelin heartless, with these emotions pourin out of me.

I’m lost in the dark, and I don’t know what to do,
need to make my own decisions, which gets harder with everything you choose,
trying to make sense of this, these days they go by so fast,
and now I’m sitting here confused, with another decision to choose. 

There’s times when I’m just rhyming, broken, but not crying,
I’d write you tons of letters, if only I had the time to see the spark your sparking deep inside of me.
Ignoring all you’ve said and done, I’d go back in a flash,
but lost in thought upon with this, I’d rather make another wish. 

I wrote you one last song again, I swore this was the end.
But then you came back in my head. again and again and again. 


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